Like being measured for a bespoke suit, joining a private member’s club – or being a guest at one, at the very least – is a landmark moment for men and women of aspiration, style and taste. Officially opened in November 2016, the establishment combines comfort and luxury in a way that straddles the worlds of work and play perfectly.

Or to put it another way: the perfect date spot, an alternative office and somewhere to escape for a late night drink when the world has let you down.

The Establishment is one of the two The Macallan endorsed private members’ club in Southeast Asia.

From business meetings during the day, the establishment moves seamlessly into a night of fun with ease. The jewel in the crown may well be the exclusive entertainment such as specially curated private show, themed events, cabarets, etc.

establishment icon

The Establishment is the ever-present catalyst for camaraderie where bonds are forged, and alliances are formed which is precisely why we take such pride in our symbol ‘The Triskelion’. Derived from the Greek word ‘triskeles’ that means ‘three legs’, it is the very definition of boundless energy.

The perpetual energy that fuels our vision to build a platform that represents advancement and more importantly; a revolution.

The lion on the other hand defines your limitless courage, enviable strength and your never-ending taste for perfection that we will always strive to deliver.

By Invitation Only

Call our reservations team on +6012 350 9883 to find out more.